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The people in this office are crazy. It's the middle of winter (in case you hadn't noticed). They have several of the windows wide open. Why? Because it's "too warm". On what kind of insane freakish planet is being too warm a bad thing in winter!?!?!?



Well it is only Autumn and I have windows open and my fan on to stop me over heating in the office.
It is quite warm today. I'm only wearing a t-shirt atm.
*nods* It is warm!
I opened my bedroom window this morning as the central heating was on... I have forgotten how much I don't like central heating, it fdehydrates me and makes me feel all hot and ill! :'(
dehydrates, even...
broooken tying!
Radiators usually have a valve on which you can regulate it or turn it off completely. Opening the window is not a solution. :oP
I had also opened the window for some fresh air as I kept sneezing :)
The turny thing on the radiator that switches it off was being too stiff for me to move as well, I shall have to try it when I am feeling mightier :)

It's warm in here cos we've got temporary A/C in the machine room pumping out hotair into the office. Which made it lovely and warm. But with the windows open (which I'm nearer to) the cold air is rushing in like a gale and I've had to put my coat on :(

I'd far rather be cold than hot. My windows in my bedroom are wide, wide open. I'm still wearing sumer clothes and sandals at work, because it tangerining hot (nearly 30) in my workspace, even with doors asnd windows open and the fan on.