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Ooooh! I've killed my first survivor in Urban Dead. Hmmm. Tasty brainmeats!



feels good doesn't it :)

I guess. I had hoped to last more than a day as one myself though. Maybe they'll resurrect me at some point...but in the mean time - braaaaaains....

Read the guides on the wiki?

I did, but it'd not have helped me. I got jumped by a load of zombies in my sleep.

You need to be in a building behind barricades. Use only 45 of your 50 AP for killin' zommers and then the remaining 5 looking for a building with strong (not heavy) barricades. Once you've got free running it gets a little easier.

Yeah. I'd sussed that all out. When I "slept" my building had barracades, but by the time I "woke" they were gone and I'd been eaten :(

Ahh clearly you were subject to a zombie horde. As a zombie I've tried attacking barricades but seen no change so it must take lots. There are some organised zombie groups. (but many more organised survivor groups).

Make sure to avoid popular buildings - Police stations are bad choices for example.

*Mrh? Graaaagh!*

I am still a pants zombie, and can kill no one. *sigh*

Oh I'm a crap one too. I just happened to log in this morning and find a poor hapless victim on 9 hitpoints in the building I was lurking outside. It took all my action points to kill him, but it was worth it. Another 80 XP and I can buy something shiny.

bastard. hmmph.

Chances are, I'll never find another victim in that state again. Maybe us zombies should meet up and work together? :)

organised zombie hordes! where are you?

Some place called Galbraith Hills. There's a school called "Burredg Row School".

Oh and you can add me to your contacts list by clicking on the button here. No idea how it'd work with zombies though. Maybe you'd recognise me?