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Watch me soar (again)

Since noseynick has desposed of his wife and kids, I "dragged" him along to go see Serenity. Even second time around it's a mighty film. Now I just need to see it twice more and I can send off for those goodies. Although knowing my luck I've missed the deadline.

Trains back...weren't. Something about a car, an accident and a bridge somewhere. The nice man at the station organised a taxi back for the vast hordes of people who were stuck. Most of whom were Holloway students.

Tried that Second Life thing out. Or at least I tried to, but they require a credit card to create even a free account and there is no way I'm giving some random company my credit card details just to try out a cool 3d looking thing. I guess I'll just have to pull my finger out and finish my own project instead.