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oooooh! I think I've just seen my very own MMORPG crack.

I've no idea how good Second Life is yet, but it looks a bit like The Sims except it's free! OMG. I'm so going to have to download it and try it out. If only it didn't just run on Crapdoze.



MMORPG crack indeed. yipes.
Hmz. well. for a free basic MMORPG i'd reccomend AO.

Second Life: i registered, downloaded it, played it for a bit and have now cancelled my account. IMO don't bother. Anarchy Online has a free basic client with no subscription and it's alot easier to get along with.

AO isn't free any more it seems. Plus it's more of running around and killing stuff RPG. I'm interesting in Second Life more cos it appears to be a building and socialising type of game. And with my coding skills, I should find my talents highly sought after if I put in any effort.