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Got to play SPANC at last. It didn't really work. I'm not sure whether this was because no-one had played it before or whether it was because one of the players was being amazingly apathetic. From memory he seems to be normally like that about some of the more odd games I have too.

Other than that, GameSoc wasn't too bad. Played a game called "The Gothic(k?) Game" which is a bit like Cluedo, except the aim is to kill all the other players. I did surprisingly well and managed to take out two people - one even with my amazing stench (got a sewer explode all over me). But unfortunately I got killed right at the end by the other surviving player.

There was also a budding new Requiem player. Couldn't really do much in the way of character design with her as I didn't have the books, but she said she'd be back in future weeks, so I'll have to kick wychboy to show up.

ION: Blah - back at work again.