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Phew. I'm finally able to take a rest after a very hectic weekend.

Getting to Watford the Regional was a bit of a trek. For reasons I don't really understand, the 4.20 train was packed. Which meant I had to stand all the way. And then the train to Watford itself was packed too. And there was an annoying cyclist who left his bike precariously balanced and piled high with random crap to go sit down. It didn't fall over, but it did get in the way. Plus the train sat in the middle of nowhere for ages too.

But despite the crap journey, I made it in time and checked in. Even managed to get food, although that was cos the mage game started a bit late which was handy. We defeated the latest big bad, although it did get all very confusing and hazy towards the end, so I'm not entirely sure how or why it happened. The bit playing around in the all-mind was fun though. Tried my hardest to think utterly sureal-like to introduce lots of randomness.

Annoyingly my throat died part way through the game. Which was odd cos it wasn't particularly smokey and I wasn't talking that much.

Amazingly I woke up in time for breakfast. Then I spent the morning watching TV and trying to get my laptop ready to showcase some webby stuff for the NC. Except that requiered me downloading some stuff. Which I managed by finding some sneaky wifi-spod briefly. Eventually I gave up trying to use sneaky spod and paid for hotel wifi-spod. And after all that, I couldn't find the NC *pout* But I did find a bunch of random other cammies so hung out with them instead.

Requiem game was fun and bad and wrong and so full of trauma. I couldn't be arsed going into character straight away as I would have spent it hanging around, waiting for the Crone meeting. So I waited around OOC for the Crone meeting instead. The Crone meeting was very o_O but no baby eating as some people might believe would happen.

Then I ended up getting involved in a treasure hunt with some other Crones. I got the "Gin soaked fool" which ended up being a girl I picked up in a bar and got utterly drunk on gin. Then just to make sure, I poured a bottle of gin over her too. And some how we won. 4 luxury apartments. Then I stoopidly and guiltily left the girl in the hands of the guy running the hunt. I'm sure she's in good hands though.

Game pretty shriveled up after that but then there was more Mage. Which was mostly more of the same as the previous night. Except this time we really defeated it. Then I had an "early night" as I wanted to make sure I left to get back in time for fight practice.

The journey back was a nightmare. Leaving at 11, the first train out was at 12:05...except that was delayed. The next one at 12:26 was 20 minutes late. Eventually we got to Euston which was the only option and then struggle across the tube. And then trains from Waterloo weren't going direct either. And cos we didn't know this, by the time we got to Clapham Junction we'd missed the fast train and had to get the slow one. So we didn't get back until 3 in the end.

Managed to get to fight practice eventually. Had a bit of a swing about and lots of fun generally hanging out with folk. Then headed to HoP for a brief stint before heading home for curry and Batman. And I've still got tomorrow off. I think I might spend it watching movies - I've only seen Serenity once.