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Not much to report at the moment. IFIS was an improvement on the week before. Actually had some other people show up. And most of them stayed around for a drink in Crosslands. Which was potentially a bad choice of venue as they were having a quiz night. So after that drink we wandered over to the Beehive, losing a few more on the way. Where they were also having a quiz night.

Wednesday was utterly dull. Watched a bit of Starship Troopers. Managed to remember to watch Lost, which is unfortunately exactly how I feel about the plot. Think I'll keep on going though and then watch the DVDs later, rather than giving up and watching the DVDs.

Neck is mostly not aching now. Cough/throat is a lot better. Still a little tender and I'm still coughing up stuff that looks like it should be squirted over the head of some poor unsuspecting kid on a saturday morning TV show. A nice relaxing weekend of roleplaying should finally kick it in the knackers I'm hoping.


You want roleplaying to hit you in the knackers? Is that a request?

Not mine - the nasty evil cough's! Only interaction with my knackers should be lovely strokey/feelyness by cute women. But I suspect your bloke may have objections ;)