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Ooooh! Star Trek Voyager complete boxset is available for pre-order on Amazon. And they're also running a competetion to win a lifesize model of seven of nine if you buy any Star Trek DVD! *gasps*

*is so tempted*



330+ quid? That would buy me some nice photo equipment...

Fully posable model or cardboard cutout/standup? ;oP

3d statue. See the pictures/details on here

330 quid is a bit excessive, but I'd imagine it'd cost more to get each DVD seperately. I'd probably have to plan when I got it cos that'd almost max out my credit card :(

Actually I'm wrong. Buying seasons 1 to 7 individually costs 280quid. There'd have to be at least another season to make up the price to 330. I guess the cost must be the fancy display case it comes in.

Oh dear.

Max out at 330 quid? I would have thought someone like you had a higher limit? (I have 5K but that's because I've always pay my bills in full and they just keep raising my limit to entice to spend more but I never spend more than I can afford).

I'm just crap at remembering to pay the bill, but when I do, I do pay it in full. It's 400 at the moment and I had to prod them to get it that high. Maybe I should just prod them to see if they'll increase it. It can't hurt can it...well except that I'll buy a whole load more stuff maybe :)

Um.. Looking on Amazon and doing some brief sums, you save about £50 by buying each individual series rather than the whole set..

Indeed. I think I'd be much better off buying them individually. The fancy box looks nice, but I can't really tell what it's actually like. It looks like a giant box that holds all 7 individual sets. Which is a bit shit and a waste as it won't fit on my shelving.

Plus I noticed that they appear to be a few discs short. There's 48 discs in the individual sets at a rough glance and only 45 in the full set. Nah. Doesn't seem actually worth it after all. If I were to do this, I'd get a couple of seasons and get entered for the statue that way instead.

Well I dunno. It'd be just something funny to have? And IFIS could borrow it for Freshers Fayre? And chances are, I won't win it. But winning the goodie bags might be better anyway.