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Well that was fun. Had my post-wolverine checkup to see how the adamantium claws were doing, whether or not I had a history of blood problems and then 8, yes 8, blood tests. Thankfully it only involved one hole though, but I was starting to wonder halfway through if she was going to leave any blood in me.

Decided to walk back to the station cos any available transportation back was going to take ages, so I figured I might as well get some exercise rather than waiting around. Not entirely sure that was a good idea for my neck though as maybe the cold weather has made it ache more. On the plus side the associated headache appears to have gone.

Last night's GameSoc was fun. Had a mostly abortive attempt at playing Chez Geek. People kinda got distracted by the shiny console games, food and other stuff. But I got to corrupt some newbies into taking over the distinterested folks' hands, so the game eventually finished. Then there were a couple of games of Bang! which went a whole lot better. At least in terms on interest. One of the newbies I don't think quite got a grasp of how the game works.

In the first game he was the renegade and took out the sheriff straight away, mostly due to rivalry in previous games played that night. Of course that meant he lost and the outlaws won. Then he was the dept. sheriff and after taking out the renegade decided to shoot the sheriff. Which meant that everyone jumped him as clearly he was a bad guy. The sheriff took him out and then realised the mistake he'd made and us outlaws slowly whittled him down.

Still I think everyone enjoyed themselves, so hopefully next week things will be as busy. I think I probably overdid the talking, cos my throat felt really rough by the end of the night. Feels back to how it was yesterday morning now though. Hopefully IFIS tonight doesn't take it out of me too.