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Another weekend has gone by. Friday I played Requiem, where I've somehow managed to gain vast powers without actually doing much. Saturday I vegged about a lot and did Dark Ages where I was mostly crap. Sunday I did re-enactment and confused anonymous_james with my feinting skills with the sword. Then over to HoP to lose at board games and have very interesting chats that had me thinking a lot about things from the past that have made me who I am today.

Otherwise, I feel like crap. I've a sore neck, a headache and I've still got some kind of cough/sore throat. Although the latter is a whole lot better than it was at the end of last week. Still meant that I've got practically no sleep with the headache and I'm guessing I was sleeping badly cos of the stiff neck. I think the headache might be a result of the stiff neck, but nothing I seem to do to it is helping so far.

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Everybody I've heard of who's had this (about 85% of my peer group) has needed antibiotics to get rid of it--seems to be a bacterial rather than viral thing. Get yourself checked out ASAP!

Arse. I really don't want to have to go in to see the docs. It's bad enough I have to go and see a blood specialist tomorrow to make sure I'm not a high risk blood clot type person.

I'll see how I feel on Wednesday and go in if I'm still rough.

Vast Power? I think not...

Oh yes - vast powers indeed. I've gone from being a mildly annoying nobody, to a very irritating somebody ;)

And I'm not entirely sure how such things work, but my new position probably gives me some form of status which apparently will increase my standing outside the domain too.

Oh yes in a way

You will get status 3 or 2 in runnymead,
If 3 its will be 2 in the south and 1 in the England, but its not a simmuple as that you probably only have 2 wich gives you 1 in the south. This is because you are not popular with the system.
The good news is that is I get rid of you , you will gain status 1 – being the lead dissaident vies me…. That’s is I don’t Kill you? :-O