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Did absolutely nothing much last night except play with my new laptop. It's very shiny and quite a lot better than the old destined for skip one. It even runs The Sims 2, which should mean it'll easily run Black & White. Although I have to find my copy as the box had Dungeon Keeper in it instead.

Looking forward to the pub tonight. There's going to be a few more newbies again I'd expect. More victims for our ever growing army of undead etc...



Not sure how old. Probably about 5 years old I'd suspect.

As for it being skipped, well that's why I got it in the first place. They had about 10 of these laptops, sitting in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust cos they were obsolete and or broken in some way. Mine has cracked case such that the keyboard isn't held in place and it keeps popping up.

Anyway, despite the shitness and unwantedness of them, it caused all kinds of fuss when we offered them a good home and took many weeks of wrangling to convince upper management that we weren't depriving someone important of a laptop. So I'd imagine that if/when I remember to bring it back into the office, it'll end up gathering dust in a cupboard or mysteriously vanishing. No chance for it to accidently fall into someone's bag on the way to the skip. Otherwise they'd not have asked me to bring it back in.

Well I haven't returned it yet. And initially I don't think they realised I had it. So we'll see how pestery they get to have it back :)

It more than surpases the toaster.

Dungeon Keeper! Wooo!

Never did get through level 20. Though at one point, I think it was on 17 or 18, I had two level 10 Lords of the Land. That rocked.

I don't recall ever getting that far through it. For various reasons I keep swapping machines and never bothering to copy across my saved games.

Possessing Chickens

On level 20 you had to be pixel-perfect with building one particular wall, or you failed. I got tired of missing.

But I did discover early on that you can carry a level 10 something from about dugneon 10 through to the end of the game. Vampires are good, until you convert a Lord of the Land. They're less termperamental and will take out almost any army on his own.

I think the clocktower part of the plan is a wasted cause. A good map with directions should be enough. These are meant to be clever people hence why they're at uni.

But I suspect we'll get Judith and that guy with the big 'fro from last week. And Mohammed(sp?). Plus maybe random others who've read your emails? At a minimum you just need enough students to form a committee for next year ;)