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Today I am very very very sleepy. But that'll be cos I didn't get home until 2am.

IFIS film was a bit of flop. Only 5 people showed and 2 of them had to leave early. So it's kind of a shame that we randomly watched Princess Bride as that's always a popular one. Although the quality was so dire - I've really been spoilt by DVD (this was VHS). xwingredleader demonstrated his complete and utter ability to say really inappropriate things, by saying some stuff that really shouldn't be said during something as PG as Princess Bride (like assrape). Which we then had to explain to the 3rd person there, Judith.

Afterwards the 3 hardcore film watchers headed over to Medicine for drinks and conversation. J is very nice once when she's not acting all shy and nervous. xwingredleader continued to regale us with all kinds of smut and to oggle the local talent. Eventually he wussed out and left us to it. Not sure what time we left but it must have been gone 11 and being a bit of a gentleman and cos I was enjoying the conversation I walked her home. Which was a bit freaky, cos the previous night I'd walked one of her housemates home. I'm wondering which of their housemates I'm walking home tonight :)

Ended up going in and meeting the whole house and talking for ages about all kinds of things. And then we watched a bit of Bill Bailey's recent stage show and played Cheat. Ended up leaving at about 1.30, although I had been offered the couch to crash out on. But I feared that I'd wake up covered in a face pack as Sharon (she's the enthuastic LARPer) kept offering to give people face packs.

Thankfully I have redbull and cake to help me wake up.

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