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I just saw it. It's better than I ever thought possible. Possibly one of the best films I've ever seen. The kind of film I've waited my whole life to see. So good I almost needed to change my clothes when I got back. I so need to see it again. I note there is a 10am showing on Saturday... (Who am I kidding - I'm never up that early on a Saturday)

On an utterly random thing, I bumped into charliemouse and blue_cat who also were at the same showing. And then we saw the 6.20 mob arrive too and briefly frothed at them as they bimbled past to go watch the film.



So, which line was your favourite?

I have to pick one? :(

I did definitely love the River fight sequences though. She is such a *NINJA*


much fun :) much fun indeed!
So good. Considered sneaking into the next showing (which we'd only missed 15 minutes of).