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Ahh...that's better. I think I've had a good night's sleep. I certainly feel a lot better. Still woke up a couple of times in the night, but I think that was cos I rolled over in my sleep and the snot shifted and caused me to start coughing.

Utterly apathed out in going to RockSoc last night. Stayed at home and instead watched a violent bloody film called Azumi based on manga of the same name. Was very good with lots of blood squirting all over the place, although I kinda lost track of the plot as it was subtitles only and I kept getting distracted at the wrong moments. Confusingly, the lead actress reminded me of ebq despite being oriental with black hair.

I also completed the new Hulk game. Boy were some of the combat scenes differcult. Mostly I think I just needed practice learning all the new moves I'd bought which I'm belated getting now by raising the alert status (think stars in GTA) to max so they send out lots of tough things for me to kill.

Tags: campus life, update
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