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Well I just got some definite proof that I'm allergic to my old goose feather duvet. Rather sensibly, I was snuggled under it to fight off the plague I've currently got and I couldn't stop coughing. I kick off the extra half that I'd hastly pulled over to increase the tog level and I suddenly stop coughing. Hopefully I'll have the energy tomorrow to sort my room out and swap over to the new anti-allergy bedding.

ION, I went to GameSoc's first meeting on the year. Started off a bit farsical as the location details had changed yet again. It'd gone from meeting in the Beehive, to meeting in the Beehive with a brief visit to Medicine first so students could be shown where the pub was and then they swapped the Beehive for the Armstrong Gun. The latter change was cos wychboy had mentioned that a pagan soc meet there on Mondays. Since I was running a tad late, I decided to skip Medicine and head straight to the AG. After waiting well beyond the time they were due to arrive, I got the feeling that maybe they'd changed their mind and decided to stay in Medicine. Which was shortly proved correct as one of the committee showed up to usher people back on to campus. Bah.

Once I'd actually found the others it went quite well. Lots of fresh blood. Didn't really get to talk to that many people as we were all crammed around one table playing card games. Medicine is a whole lot nicer than it's previous incarnation. It's got lots of lighting and a HUGE bar in the middle. And lots more seating. Apparently it's a bit of a meat market, but I pointed out that Uni was generally like that anyway.


I was led to believe there were some roleplayers there, but I only really got to talk to a guy who wasn't interested in such things and only liked playing board and card games. It should be easier to talk to people about such things at the regular gaming meetings I think.

Or there is the GameSoc bulletin where people have been posting up requests for players. We've already got a thread on there for the Cam stuff, although people are more interested in Requiem rather than Mage *pout*