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You'd have thought I'd update a whole lot more when I'm on holiday and bumming about the flat, but instead I've been kinda too busy and lazy to update. In some ways this reminds of me of my weekend posting habits :)

Anyway, what wild and exciting things have I been up to? Well on Monday I went shopping and added yet more stuff to my ever growing list of DVDs. Which I should really update the online list of at some stage. Then I paid sea_cucumber a visit to wish her birthday greetings. My alchohol must be coming back as I managed to drink a bottle of wine by myself. Or maybe all those many jellybeans I ate helped in some way? Had much horror with the jellybeans as I found a banana flavoured one and couldn't shake the taste away even by the time I got home.

No hangover on Tuesday, which is also good. Slobbed around the flat adding some bank statements to my finacial app which I'd somehow managed to miss out. Watched a whole disc of BSG as I was reminded that I'd not yet opened my copy yet by darklittlefox borrowing nuuki's copy. I'll have to make sure he takes that back since there isn't any point us having two copies in the house.

Then I took sea_cucumber out to dinner. After much bimbling we ended up at Chimes, although I secretly suspect that was sea_cucumber's plan all along. Nice cider, OK food, awesomely yummy dessert. Had much chatting about stuff and the future.

This morning I've been a bit crap. GameSoc had a taster session organised to show the baby students what they're all about. It started at 10. What I failed to realise was that it finished at 10:30. Which was the time I managed to drag myself in for. Oops. Surprisingly no sign of IFIS or Re-enactment. Both of which I'd have thought would have done quite well out of something like this. GameSoc didn't sound like they'd got much out of it, because having 30minutes to showcase what they do just doesn't really work. Since I didn't want to have a wasted trip I hung around to see what Anime was doing. They showed a montage of Anime set to various tunes, which is the sort of thing IFIS could do well at showing next year maybe? It'd be a good thing to have on the stand at Freshers Fayre if they could get a small TV+DVD player.

Back now cos the whole taster session thing is only just for the morning and there wasn't much else interesting to attend. I think I'll watch some more BSG and try and get some coding done.



Mondays as per usual, plus they're planning on having a roleplay specific night on Thursdays *slaps forehead*

This coming Monday (the 3rd) they're meeting at The Beehive at 7 for a welcome/social type thing.

I can mention it now that I know you're keen on recruiting. The chair is quite keen from a discussion I had about WoD LARPing today.

I was actually planning on going to either the pub or the place of meaty goodness on Vauxhall Bridge Road, I didn't know Chimes would be on the way! :/

Ah well - it was a good choice/bit of luck either way. I had no idea where we were or where we were going.

There is something worse than banana flavoured jellybeans, popcorn flavour jellybeans. They are pure evil!

But is that cos you don't like popcorn? I could probably stomach them cos whilst I'm not a great fan of popcorn (yucky icky bits stuck between teeth) the taste is OK. Where as bananas are vile and evil and I loath them lots and lots.