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Gods I'm shattered. Scampered in to London yesterday to have lunch with sea_cucumber, but that fell through when she got stuck in Richmond. So instead I went shopping and spent lots of money in Playing Games instead.

I now have a very shiny looking game called "Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls" (aka SPANC). You play a crew off busty space wenches out to get plenty of loot and poolboys as you rampage across the universe. Art work is by Phil Foglio which was grabbed my interest initially - not the picture of a scantily clad cat girl, honest :)

Then I watched "40 Year old Virgin". Which was a bit sucky. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood, cos it seemed to have all the right elements in it. And then began the epic journey to Hatfield. The bus took an hour but luckily I'd left plenty of time to spare so had time for steak. Requiem was quiet - I suspect the train problems scared people off. Then I crashed at casterlion's place with it's HUGE lounge of HUGENESS.

Mage was fun, although it's clear that we were the mosty sucky at surviving the Avatar Storm - the Hatfield lot survived unscathed too. After that was some random monster bashing which I mostly hung back from until I came up with an attack move called "The Pinacle of Pain". Sculpt the ground underneath the target (preferable male) so that their feet are suddenly over thin air and form the ground between their legs into an uber sharp pinacle of rock. Let gravity take effect. It was surprisingly ineffectual - all the guys I did it on seemed to have balls of steel.

The journey back was even more epic. Missed the bus and had to wait around for seemingly ages. Got on the tube cos my ticket said any London Terminal, so I headed straight to Waterloo. Got there to discover my ticket didn't cover me on the tube, but the ticket guy was nice and let me past anyway. Then I forgot to get a ticket at Waterloo in my haste to get something to eat. Just as I got home I got nabbed by a ticket inspector. Who thankfully just charged me for a ticket. Am very tired now. So tired I can't even be arsed to get drink. Which is bad cos I feel very thirsty. *sighs and rolls eyes*

Tags: mage, rpg, update
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