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Woohoo! I think I've cracked it. I've finally got the tribal map thing displaying something vaguely sensible. Gone for a sort of temperature colour scheme this time. People central to tribes are red, those on the outskirts are blue. Probably needs more data to show anything interesting though.

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Looked at it - it's tough! I can't seem to actually answer properly because right now I'm rather adrift for many reasons and consider next to no-one to be a core member and almost everyone to be on the edge...

That isn't entirely "wrong" as such though. It just means that at the moment you'd expect to find yourself on the edge of a cluster (or several). Probably a little closer depending on how those people in the clusters regard you.

can you spread it out a bit more? can you increase the range of colours?
It's using 256 colours - that should be enough.

Spreading things out is a tad more differcult. If I just showed people in tribes it'd look a lot clearer. It's having the two classifications that makes it messy. Probably need to work on making the egge folk more on the edge.
how about spreading out the range of colours then? It all looks like similar colours when it probably isn't?
maybe it needs to be in 3d?
or have some kind of layers thing.. people have different groups they hang around in depending on what they're doing.. lj is only one of those layers of course, and people are answering based on ignoring which category.

it's quite difficult to see names in the centre of groups which aren't in red.. does the colour scheme want to be logarithmic or something?

People are meant to ignore it based on LJ. It's only real link to LJ is that LJ provides a handy list of names associated to each person who potentially might be tribal members.

As previously mentioned to anonymous_james, I do need to rethink some of how the placement algorithm works. At the moment it's taking an average point between the people someone is connected with a random element based on the clasification. I've had some ideas over the weekend that might help clear this up though.

But that will have to wait - very knackered.

It is almost impossible to read the blue bits, I'm afraid.