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This here be the journal of Captain Nobeard, the scariest pirate that ever sailed the Egham seas.

The weekend is a bit crap to be honest. Friday I spent frustratingly not being able to work out how to code the tribal map thing still. And then I got called up loads of times by work for really stupid trivial things. And then there was a server that died that I had to go in with noseynick to administer aid to as well. So that wasted most of Saturday.

Dark Ages was a bright spot in the weekend. Although it was really quiet. Sunday I played with my financial program cos I'd got some more statements to put in and then realised that at some point when I was missing some statements the numbers had got a bit wrong. And then I noticed that I hadn't got anything in there for the whole of 2004 - but I did have most of the statements, so I started putting them in too. Very dull stuff :)

Should make more of an effort to just download them off the website instead. Also watched "Vampire: The Turning" and ate curry. Very cheesy vampire film. Didn't get much sleep last night, but seem to have got enough to be rested. Had lots of wierd waking dreams about time travel and god knows what else. Very confusing.



I currently have Vampire: The Turning on my rental list at lovefilm. Looked very cheesy.