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It's been a very long while, but here is my first boozed up post in ages.

Actually having walked home, I'll a tad sobered up now, so it's not going to be that interesting. I am finding it very hard to type though. If only cos I keep forgetting where the keys are and rather stubbornly I'm touch typing too (or touch typoing as my freudianly drunk fingers originally typed).

Good news. Relocation is at least for myself and the rest of my department is put on hold. w00t! I guess in some ways going to the pub and having a drink is a good way to celebrate that. Although annoyingly I'm on call. But I've only had 2 pints of cider. Which appears to have been easily enough to get me very squiffy.

I like hugs.

cryx got me a Dead or Alive model from Tokyo. It's the school girl one. She's wearing white knickers :)

Despite it being a very long time, I've remembered to drink some water. Maybe I'll wake up human tomorrow. Feeling more human than usual having shaved all the face fur off. Surprising/amusing how long it takes most people to notice too.

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