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Right. Training is over. Things returning to normal. Quick/brief catchup. Friday - mage. urizen bent the players over a barrel and buggered us all with a 20" plot-dildo from the AMST. Saturday - more mage. Got to watch the ANST try to apply the plot-dildo to the London players, but must have used too much lube as he couldn't get a purchase. Afterwards stayed around for Requiem which I didn't really get in to much, but did further my aims and goals.

Sunday - spent it rampaging about as the Hulk. Monday and Tuesday were spent training during the day. Didn't get hardly any sleep though. Monday also played in darklittlefox's modern mystics game. Which was good. Last night I visited sea_cucumber and izzy_stradlin and applied my magic fingers to sea_cucumber's back. Surprisingly given how little practice I've had recently, I did a good job.



Did you wipe memories too? Only I don't remember it quite the way he described it.

You don't remember getting harshed by global plot?

I don't remember it involving 20" dildos.

The dildo is a metaphor

I'm sure you could have picked a better one, you didn't even try did you. Hang your head in shame Mr T.

Can't see the problem. STs often bugger players with plotty goodness. The AMST waved a mighty big plot around and give it to the DSTs to apply to us. Maybe I exagerated a little on the size of the dildo? :)

I still feel dirty. And I know there was no actual dildo.