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I was thinking this morning on the way to work, what would I do if there was a zombie outbreak in the country. Would Tescos be a good place to hold out? Or maybe work? Home wouldn't be so bad either as there is only one way in. I spent a lot of the time thinking about ways of generating power, cos eventually the electricity would die out and if I were holed up in Tescos, finding a way to keeping as much of the food fresh for as long as possible would be a good thing.

I think going and rescuing nice folk from London might feature highly in the plans also. Zombie plagues are going to hit London much worse I think.



Is that your brain?

Are you asking cos you're a brain eating zombie? If so - then no, it's er...someone else's brain. And you can't eat it :)

See, I have my own brain as user icon. ;oP

To the original post, a place like Tesco would have as much supplies as you could possibly need and even things like bedding etc. Even if the electricty goes out there will be enough torches and batteries for light, camping stoves to cook, warm clothes for warmth. However, air/oxygen could be a problem when the electricty breaks down. Plus, they're far too attractive and you'll need a lot of people to keep it secure.

You'd be better off in your own private bunker which has enough fuel, supplies and energy to last a long time.

Yes, that was my concerns with Tescos. If zombies can't climb over walls, then it should be easy to baracade a whole load of space off around my flat as it's in the grounds of an old mansion or something. There's a fairly substantial wall surrounding it with a small gap where the road enters it.

That'd give us loads of space to sleep. Once we'd cleared out all the neighbour-zombies.

Bored at work, then?

Not much. This was all thought of on the way to work. Plus it's a good excuse to show off my new shiny icon as made by the ever lovely and gorgeous crxy lady.

Hmm...I think I would stay in the flat. It would be hard to get into and we could fill the slave cupboard with supplies. A small bank of solar cells attatched to the wall outside our window would suffice for power. Candles and gas fueled stoves would be ok for everything else. I can also make candles, so that would be handy...
We have enough sharp weapons that no zombies would stand a chance, and the front window is perfect for mounting a whole assortment of projectile weaponry.

Your place being on the ground floor is a point against it, plus you're on the list to be rescued from London :)

I think a solar furnance would be my choice for solar energy. The parts to build one would a be lot easier to find, plus it could also provide hot/clean water.

Heh...rather live in my flat than tescos though! If anything, a boat would be the best plan. Could go anywhere....

Tescos was just an idea. Not a very practical one at that - too many ways in. It'd also be a prime target for looters too.

Not so keen about the idea of a boat either. It'd be differcult to get off if the banks are heaving with hordes of zombies. You'd also be more constrained on space so wouldn't have as much room for supplies. And it could sink.

Definitely looking for somewhere large with few easily guardable entrances and access to plenty of resources.

I love boats.....were I to get a large enough one, i.e a yacht, it would work. For water, you just need a solar collector. Long distance yacht racers use them. Food wise, theres fish obviously, and then you would only need freeze dried food and staples such as rice. Plus, if you are a good enough sailor and the boat is in good nick, it is unlikely to sink.
If it was only a few people it would be great.
The getting off would be less of a problem if you chose somewhere which was out of the way and not heavily populated. Easter island would probably be good.
I think I would hotwire a car and flee back to my parents house on a mighty roadtrip of zombie-smiting amusement, as my parents house always has lots and lots of food and the zombies might not bother invading Dorset... :)

Well let us know if you do, do that so we don't race into London to rescue you only to find you've already gone :)