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majic13 has a clone, alive and well and living in Egham. As I rushed into the station to catch my train, I saw majic13 queuing to by a ticket. This was a bit of a shock because it was before lunchtime and I didn't expect to see him awake unless it was hunced over a computer from the night before. Except it wasn't majic13 - it was someone wearing the same coat, same hairstyle, goatee - the works. Luckily I noticed my mistake before I started prodding him and questioning his apparent eagerness to catch a train.

Other than that brief moment of excitement, today has been dull as a very unpolished thing. I did manage (eventually) to install ICQ at work - hopefully my plans to meet more people - maybe even some of those mythical "girls" - will show some results.


Damnit. I must instruct my evil twin Ramon to keep a lower profile in future. �_�

And to stop borrowing my clothes.

Hey.. i like ramone.. make him come out more ;P *grin*

I'm afraid that you need to publise your icq number for girls to contact you. they didn't contact me until i had my details on that site. Before then i just got odd turkish guys asking me questions that i won't repeat here. eugh!

Which site is this? I've tried filling out a "I want to chat" thing on icq.com, but all I get is people saying "Hi" and then not responding further when I try and engage them in conversation. :(


i don't think you'd be interested in the site i was on ;)

Ah - thats what I thought you meant. So now I just have to find a site where people I'd get on with hang out and post my ICQ ID on it. And I thought this was going to be easy *sigh*.