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I find myself awake (got called up by work) so in an unprecedented move, I'm going to do an update mid-weekend.

Friday was pretty uneventful. Watched Magic Roundabout. Almost watched it again with the quiz turned on too. Mostly stopped cos I found the quiz to be far too intrusive. It had questions every few minutes which was far too frequent. I guess kids have small attention spans and thus don't notice these things.

Today I spent doing not very much at all except reading about the stupidity of some people on the internet. Tim Bernard Lee would be spinning in his grave...if he were dead yet. I suspect if he bothered reading about all the stupid things people are doing with the web, that state would be reached very quickly too.

Then I dragged myself to Southwark Requiem and was surprised to find other Runnymede players. Who by that point had snaffled all the Runnymede-Southwark plot. Thankfully it didn't appear to be anything that exciting and if I wanted I could have just pinched it once the game had started. Instead after a slow start, I enjoyed the wild madcap antics and confusion.

And it looks like I've discovered reasons to attend other Southwark games, plus Kent too. And maybe London. So with Herts as well, that's like 5 games a month. Busy bunny. Although Herts is only really possible if I can blag a lift or crashspace. If only I had something to spend the XP on. I think I need to discuss/plot things with inquis. Muahahahahas.

Very nearly didn't make it back, but for the ineptitude of the Vikings. Who had forgotten to tell the driver that he needed to get in the train and drive it off somewhere. Or maybe he had been told and he was taking his time leaving the local drinking hole he'd been waiting in. Either way, the train left 20 minutes late - more than enough time for us to catch it.

Now as previously mentioned I'm wide awake having been called up by work about stuff that I can't really discuss if only cos I don't have a clue what was wrong either. Blah. Hopefully I can get up in time for Mage tomorrow. Although darklittlefox isn't back yet either, so I might be in good company tomorrow when we shamble zombie-like up the hill for our monthly dose of smutty plotty goodness.


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Is your copy of magic roundabout region 2? I was thinking of getting it for the boys with their Amazon birthday money (better put all their things on their wish list so you get the credit), so wondered if I could borrow it first.


Yes it's region 2. I'll try and remember to bring it in with me tomorrow.

nick's off for the week! We're probably going up to London for the day tomorrow.

Don't worry. we'll get together sometime


Well give me warning if you're meeting us guys for lunch or if you're going to the pub and I can shove it my bag then

Crash space shouldn't be a problem - you just need to let me know in advance so I have a rough idea of how many people need it.

Sure - I'll have to see if anyone from down here is liking to go. Like nuuki

I was going to ask for some last month until I realised that I was doing a Cthulhu marathon so couldn't make any of the games. But then it turned out that cream_horn was stopping early on Saturday to go to Requiem anyway, so I managed to blag a lift :)

Definitely have to go to Mage though.