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Of all the types of stores we need around here, we don't need another sodding chemist. There are more than enough stores within spitting distance of the town center where I can purchase shampoo and other such essentials. I hope this new one goes out of business.

Then maybe we could get a book store, or somewhere that sells toys. There's just so many different types of stores that we don't have. At least the other new one appears to be a clothing store, although I've never heard of the chain so I'm guessing it'll be a bit crap.


is it a pharmacy or somewhere that just sells shampoo?

It's somewhere that sells stuff like shampoo and household cleaning products, but we already have 2 pharmacys, a Boots and a Tescos all within a couple of hundred yards of each other. I really don't need so much choice in where I buy shampoo and cleaning products.