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Of all the types of stores we need around here, we don't need another sodding chemist. There are more than enough stores within spitting distance of the town center where I can purchase shampoo and other such essentials. I hope this new one goes out of business.

Then maybe we could get a book store, or somewhere that sells toys. There's just so many different types of stores that we don't have. At least the other new one appears to be a clothing store, although I've never heard of the chain so I'm guessing it'll be a bit crap.


is it a pharmacy or somewhere that just sells shampoo?

It's somewhere that sells stuff like shampoo and household cleaning products, but we already have 2 pharmacys, a Boots and a Tescos all within a couple of hundred yards of each other. I really don't need so much choice in where I buy shampoo and cleaning products.

Yup all shops are gradually turning into rubbish ones, whereas ones that sell good interesting stuff get driven away.

Well they're effectively replacing Somerfield, which was shit so I can't agree with your statement there. At least not in this case. Can't think of anything else that has been replaced recently that would fit that statement in fact.

It's not really about quality anyway - it's variety.

Okay Somerfield was shite, and I don't know what the new shops are. However, I am more thinking in terms of long-term trends where cool shops have been driven away. I thought in fact that I was agreeing with you, but heh.

Variety is what has gone: three decent butchers, the cafe attached to the bakery (which did much nicer bread 10+ years ago). The shop that sold weird retro clothes. The one that sold SF models etc. The record shop. The weird shop that sold tarot cards (driven out by weird Christian protestors I gather). The stationery shop. The greengrocers..A high quality second-hand furniture store, that now only sells mirrors and ikky overpriced pine. Oh, and many many more I have forgotten or have not realised has gone, as Egham is a shopping desert.

In Englefield Greem: the model shop, followed by a shop that sold sewing stuff. Two butchers. A riding tackle shop. A decent greengrocers and a general store with an excellent range in chinese / indian spices plus loads of high quality fresh veg. An admittedly dodgy delecatesan. A local bank.
I think they're closed for refurbishment if at all. I'm sure that is what the sign they had up said last time I went in.
I think she may have been referring to Winfalcons, which sold loadsa stuff like tarot, crystals and also had a good SF related 2nd hand book section.

We are mostly agreeing. There are some stores that I don't think we need though and some we do on your list.

The music store is one we do need. Given the state of the place, it's little wonder it closed down though. That whole row is in a pretty shabby state of repair. It's a good thing they've started rebuilding the far end.

The specialised food stores I don't think we need as Tescos provides everything they do. I think the baker's attempt to muscle in on Mario's business was doomed to fail - Mario's has a very loyal following and was a whole lot cheaper and better quality. I think it'd be cool if Mario's moved in there cos they could do with having more room.

The Sci-Fi store is one of many niche stores that was just in the wrong place to ever do well. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did. The cyber cafes were utter failures. The various niche stores on the corner opposite The Crown have always been really daft ideas. Like a 2nd hand computer store - why did anyone think they could sell 2nd hand computers that couldn't run any of the software people would want to run. Sure they could run a word processor, but that doesn't help if someone sends you a file.

Mostly I'm just saying that we need more of the basic types of stores (music, books etc) that aren't covered by other places in town.

well given the time and inclination, I'd love to run a bookstore

Savers is a bit like a pound shop in many ways. They have actually closed the pharmacy part in boots, as it was in competition with the shop next door.

Mackays is a clothes shop. A bit like peacocks, but some of the kids clothes are a lot nicer.


I think lots of people would love to run a bookstore, although I suspect the reality is a lot different to how we all imagine it would be like. Can't see anything obvious on google on how to do it, although it did point me at an e-book you can buy.