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The one where nobody could remember when themadone was visiting London

Spent the evening last night not coding *gasp*. Instead I pootled into London to visit sea_cucumber. Admittedly I did take the laptop and tried solving my tribal map coding problems though.

The subject of this entry pertains to the fact that no-one actually knew which day I'd originally planned on popping up to visit sea_cucumber. I thought it might have been Tuesday, but I got a confusing phonecall from cryx to remind me it was Monday and tell she was popping along too. It didn't matter as I was free either night and it doubled the number of supple hunnies I got to hang out with. Although I was expecting there to be 3, but izzy_stradlin was still in Egham.

So...ended up investigating the local curry house which is very odd but in a good way. It's in a basement and the decor is really cool. We got sat in a booth that looked like it was in a tent. Annoyingly I had to rush off to make sure I caught a train home. That is the one flaw to visiting people far far away.

Experimenting on the train has shown that the tool I'm using to display the tribal map isn't going to work, so I'm going to have to write something myself. Current theory is to either place each set around in a circular pattern and make them big enough such that they intersect with every other possible set and then fill in the blanks or see if I can write something that generates the image in a more organic way - growing it as more sets are added. Preference is to go for the latter cos it'll look more interesting (ie not just a giant circle with black blobs on it) and be more of a challenge.