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So...the weekend. Most of it was spent staying up late coding as I was working on the tribal map thingy. Stayed up stupidly late on Saturday (5am-ish) and even then, didn't feel tired - I just felt that I should probably try and get some sleep. On the plus side I've finished the part of the code that calculates all the set intersections. I've even written some code that displays it quite nicely, but only for the "in tribe" sets. Need to get the code to assign the same center points to intersections that are subsets of other intersections (ie put the "member of" sets inside the "member of + on the edge" sets). And the colour assigning code probably needs a bit of tweaking too.

On the downside I've completely and utterly screwed up my body clock. Couldn't get to sleep last night at all. Which did mean that I spotted that my alarm clock was 4 hours out and I could reset it. Very confusing though cos it's meant to be set from a radio time source. Hopefully I've not turned that feature off at some point.

The weekend also had yet another BBQ. This time at noseynick and estellew's place as a very belated house warming. Should have pestered them for a tour of their house as I'm probably one of the few that hasn't seen the new place before. A big OMGWTF occurred when the infamous/legendary Piers showed up cos it's rare we get to see him since he moved to Camby.

Sunday was the Mage game. Much w00ting cos sherbetsaucers could make it. Although I think his much vaunted "OMGWTF you're alive" was a bit more low key than expected cos we've had plenty of time to get used to the idea. Also after 3 long months of researching, building and coding, my character finished the girlfriend bot and introduced her to the chantry. Surprisingly cryx didn't play her as is the norm for playing sexy robots. Instead I had the equally capable sollunastella who also had the added advantage of being good at being highly dubious and coming out with choice lines about wanting to pleasure me in front of everyone.

Confusingly even Nadia managed to spot it was a 'bot, but it matters little as it had the OOC desired effect of o_O. And after many hours of people complaining it was a slave to my every whim and that it should have free will and being told my the previous sex-bot (as played by normally played by cryx but urizen had to step in o_O - hee hee) that I'd not done a good enough job creating her. So I abused my uber powers of Mind magic and created the bot an actual mind and gave her free will. Which then had everyone complaining that I shouldn't have done that either. Just can't win can I? :)

I think though that the fem-bot caused much amusement and fun for all concerned though. And should do more in the last couple of games too. Have to come up with a name for the design too...I'm thinking given the technoc's HITMark series that I could call it the Sexy Human Automated Girl mark 1 *ducks and runs*


right this tribe map thingy bemuses me. I filled it in, and there are a vast number of names i do not know, many i do know all araramnged in circular/non circular blobs in varying shaeds of black, which appear to bear no relation to where i placed them in reference to my primary tribe.

please elucidate. Fanx.
oh and i would like to put in an order for a SHAG1, design spec to follow.


I'm afraid that I'm unlikely to be building more SHAGMarks until I can sort out the one I've already got.

That is partly because the way I'm displaying the information is slightly flawed. It's probably producing vaguely the right sort of thing, but it's just not quite right.

What I'm expecting to end up seeing is several groups of darkish names surounded by patches of every increasing lightness names as they move further away. I'd guess it'd probably look like a contour map with the dark areas being higher than the light areas. And in the case of everyone I know I'd expect to see a couple of very tall hills, some of which have noticable valleys between them, but some of them are either a lot closer or almost joined together.

Maybe I should change the colouring to make it more like a contour map :)

What you're seeing currently doesn't quite work because the tool I'm using to produce the image isn't really designed for this sort of work and the data I'm feeding it is slightly wrong too. Hence why I spent large portions of the weekend trying to recode it. At this rate I think I'm going to have to get off my butt and write the code to do the drawing myself.

*giggles* was fun npc to play