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After much painstaking beating of my head against the keyboard, I've finally sussed out a suitable visual representation of the tribal map stuff. I've also rejigged the colour coding so the darker someone is, the more central they are to a "tribe".

So far there are 3 blobs where just one person has filled in stuff. And another blob with a smear as more people have taken part. The smear is probably the closest thing to a tribe currently. I guess things will look more interesting, the more people fill in stuff.



Yes, very odd and interesting. But wrong.

I've come to realise that I'm going about this completely the wrong way. For each person I've been treating it like there are 3 groupings of people; in the tribe, on the edge of the tribe and not in the tribe. Each a subset of the following group.

What I've realised is that this is basically a set theory problem and that the "not in the tribe" group is actually the universal set. So I don't really have to draw it. Which has been the problem so far - if I try drawing it the picture gets way too complicated.

So looks like I'm going to redraw the drawing code again. Should be a whole lot less "busy" this time I think.