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After much painstaking beating of my head against the keyboard, I've finally sussed out a suitable visual representation of the tribal map stuff. I've also rejigged the colour coding so the darker someone is, the more central they are to a "tribe".

So far there are 3 blobs where just one person has filled in stuff. And another blob with a smear as more people have taken part. The smear is probably the closest thing to a tribe currently. I guess things will look more interesting, the more people fill in stuff.



there's a way to make us all feel good - show us how insignificant we are on a greater scale.


*sigh* You always think the worst of whatever I do.

Firstly, there is (or rather was) a bug in the colour selection code. You should have been a whole lot darker than you were. Fixed that now.

Secondly, there hasn't been enough people filling it in yet to get a decent spread of the data yet. As someone who did Maths you surely must realise that with only 2% of the data entered so far, that it isn't going to be enough to display anything interesting.

That and I'm having to explore ways of showing the information currently, because if I show all of it, it ends up looking like that big blob of names around riksowden.