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OK...Think it works OK for now, although I think the display needs a bit of tweaking.

LJ Tribe toy is here

EDIT: The bit that actually displays stuff is a bit broken. If it displays, it displays everything in a big lump rather than spread out like the original test had. Need to work out how to get that working.

EDIT: Ah ha! I appear to have managed to make it work now and it produces very pretty looking masses of names. The nearer someone is to you on the mess, the more likely they are part of your "tribe". The colouring is just to show how far away that person is from you.

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I get the same error message

That was me trying to twiddle with that bit - should be OK now.

Hmmm. Had a go. It came up as pretty much a black blob with blurry edges. You could see there was writing there but it was too close together to make any sense.

Yeah...that is the only problem with it so far. I can't get it to place the names further apart.

I got stuck at 38% :( twice!

I think if that's an IE download progress bar thingy, that it is lying to you. My failed attempts to get it to display the whole data set yesterday would mean that it'd should sit at 0% for ages and ages.