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Hmmm....high octane fuel!

My plans for telly viewing as suggested by my new bit of coding went smoothly. Discovered my VHS copy of "An American Werewolf in Paris" isn't even widescreen - I shall have to replace it ASAP.

I also had a go at writing something that can draw social groups or tribes when told where people think their LJ friends fit into their own social group/tribe. Since I can't be arsed to maintain another bunch of usernames and passwords for people to forget or get wrong, I'm thinking of using OpenID instead and letting LJ keep track of people instead. And then it'll grab your LJ friends and update the image.

In some ways it's a lot like the LJ clique thing, except that it takes into account how well you know someone. Watch this space for when I announce it's ready for use.

In other news, in an attempt to populate the fridge with diet fizzy drinks I've ended up getting 6 packs of Tescos Cherryade. It's pure chemical goodness in a tiny bottle. I think the red colouring makes me hyper if I drink enough of it. And to think, this stuff is aimed at kids.