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A while back (I can't be arsed to find the entry) I stated I needed a new coding project to keep me from being bored. Well over the weekend I came up with such a project. I've written a bunch of code that tells me what programs are on in the next 24 hours that I might like to watch based on me telling it what programs I do and do not like.

All I need now is the hardware to encode TV into mpeg and I've got a tivo-alike for my PC. I think if I do turn it into a proper encoding system, that I'd be better off doing it with an entirely new PC. Yet another reason to pull my finger out and get one I guess.

Next achievable step is to put all the code behind a GUI and maybe add in some kind of email alert as well. And something to work out a proper schedule, cos (for example) tonight "Murder by Numbers" (hmmm... Sandra Bullock) clashes with that program about making your own country and "An American Werewolf in Paris". Although I have both the films on DVD or VHS so it's not an issue. In fact it'd be easier to just watch MbN on DVD whilst I video the country making program and then watch the video and then AWiP. Should work I think. Although AWiP is on very late. Might skip it if I feel really tired.



Chris and I are writing a program that solves Su Doku puzzles.