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Flame on!

Wheeee! Just went and saw Fantastic 4 and it lives up to it's name. It's not the best out of the recent Marvel film conversions, but it's going to be hard work to beat the Spidey duo. I'm definitely not convinced by the hair colour they gave Alba this time around. It was too orange and clashed with her complexion. It seemed a little short or rushed, which kinda bugged me. But I still think everyone should go see it - it's far better than Elektra which is the Highlander 2 of Daredevil.

Afterwards I went to Nandos. Looked too busy to hang around for food, so I got take out and ate it outside as it was quite nice at the time. I must have looked such a sight with my eyes streaming and my face bright red from having uber hot chickeny goodness. Foolishly I'd not bothered getting a drink as I was planning on getting one before the next movie, which didn't help matters. But I'm a man and kept on going anyway.

I got icecream for the next movie. A huge mound of it. I think in hindsight that cute serving wench (#2) was flirting with me. She was saying how she really envied the icecream and that next time she went she'd have some. Could have invited her out for movie & icecream but missed the chance. Ah well. Still had icecream and another good movie to watch :)

War of the Worlds was also good. I can't remember ever seeing any previous incarnations on TV, so I've not got anything to compare it with. I think though that it captured the general gist of the plot quite adequately. I enjoyed the train scene - it amused me. I suspect that is cos I've seen Mars Attacks and it reminded me of the cows in the beginning. Little girl definitely should have taken a bullet to the head early on to shut her up. Could have left her in the woods when she went to the loo. Tripods were shiny - I want one.

Now my eyes burn from having had too much caffiene and watching lots of movies. Plus I have the place to myself for a few days as darklittlefox is visiting the spawning pools of Norfolk.