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Just got back from the Slimming world meeting. I've lost a whopping 2 pounds. Just imagine what I could have lost if I'd not pigged out down the pub and had xmas pudding for my birthday. I'm also not eating enough of my "healthy options" or enough free foods. I'm not so sure about the free foods bit - there is only so much pasta I can fit on a plate.

Next week I'm down to lose 3 pounds (apparently).


Pasta is free food?

Doesn't quite make sense to me...

Re: Pasta is free food?

If you think that is wierd - today I'm on a "red day" which means I can eat as much meat and fish as I want as long as it's not fried or cooked in someway with fat. So in a bit, I'm going to go down to the canteen and see if they grill their bacon or not - I think they must do because they do so much in one go. If they do - I'm going to pig out on bacon.

Congratulations and good luck :)

Wish I had your kind of willpower but I like the chocolate too much...
Aaahh.. i do too on occasion.. and the way i'm eating i could have a cadburys creme egg *every day!!!* and still be within the plan hehehe
Oooh. Creme Egg..... This sounds like a nice diet if you can eat Creme Eggs.


indeed.. only 8.5 sins out of a possible 10 :)

Of course it helps if you don't pig out on chicken pie and chips - otherwise you end up using an entire weeks worth of sins up and have to live on bread and water.


not bread and water.. moooooouuuntains of pasta with beans and passata :)