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zombie, horror

Very tiring weekend. Spent most of Friday evening napping cos work/the week had tired me out. Saturday was very tiring but fun shopping around London. Sunday had a very fun and frentic game.

Don't know why, but I had a really bad night of sleep. Kept waking up every couple of hours. This means I'm zombie-boy today. So much so that I failed utterly to spot that I've gained a mousemat. No idea why I've got one, cos only boy mice need mats to roll about on. My mouse is a girl - she's got no balls.



-.- O.O -.- 0.O

*blink blink*

er. that was faintly amusing when I first read it.. then I re-read it and the smile got bigger - I'm grinning now at the idea of boy & girl mice.

Re: -.- O.O -.- 0.O