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I like dreams. I wish I could dream more often and remember them too. This morning I was cruelly deprived of one. Got a stupid meeting reminder at 6am! For something tomorrow! Gah! It woke me up right in the middle of what I vaguely remember as being a really cool enjoyable dream. My subconcious must have felt sorry for me, cos when I dozed off again I managed to have another dream instead. This one I do remember.

I'd gone on a trip to the US with my family and all I was doing whilst over there, was shopping for DVDs. Confusingly I wasn't actually buying them. Despite them being on the shelves (that was how I was realising I needed them ;) I was ordering them for collection later. Then on the trip to the airport to go home, we stopped off at all the stores and picked up the DVDs. Except somehow I managed to only get a couple of them. And then we went into a store I'd not got any from and found a load of very cheap $6 Feng Shui(sp?) collectable game things. Looked a bit like a card game from the size of the boxes. Bought one of everything. Even more confusingly, at some point on the way to the airport, my family had disappeared only to be replaced by friends instead. Didn't identify anyone except urizen though.

In my constant battle against the forces of nature, I've hacked some more of the Rosemary tree and given it to noseynick. The path is just about clear now I think. Someone - I'm guessing the neighbours below me - hacked the bush/tree on the other side of the path so in theory I have less to cut back. There's still tons left of the Rosemary tree though and I should probably trim the bit nearest the front door too.


If you can't use all the rosemary for cooking, put it into sachets and put it in your drawers or wardrobe. Bit of a more manly scent than lavender, which has a tendency to make you smell like an old women's pants, and it'll keep moths away.

Coo...could try that. Certainly don't want to smell like anyones' pants.

um... I do so want some, but have minus energy to come and collect it. Also not totally certain I can remember your house number.

Best to discuss specifics on the address off here in email, cos this entry is public and I don't think the world needs to know where I live. Although saying that, my place is the one with the HUGE rosemary bush out front... :)