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Spent the past few days playing "God of War". I highly recommend it to all and sundry. It's blood thirsty and psychotic and even has boobies now and then. Standard platform puzzling fun otherwise. Camera work ain't too shoddy, but can get annoying in small confined places.

And of special note to cream_horn, I've just watched two episodes of Tru Calling. It's not that shabby either. Although I was expecting the Groundhog day aspect to repeat things a bit more than just once. Clearly she (girl who played Faith in Buffy) is more clever than Bill Murray :)

Other than that, I nearly did myself a mischief by not drinking enough on Saturday and then walking in the stupidly hot sun to the DA game. The DA game was mildly frustrating. I get the distinct impression I'm missing out on something. Probably comes from not doing downtimes.


That is patently not true. It took him how many iterations in Groundhog day before he solved how to get out of the time loop? Where as Faith/Tru/wasshername manages to solve her time loops on the second run.