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This evening has been surprisingly interesting. I decided to get off my butt and go and see "A Lot Like Love", which was not a lot like what I thought the plot was but I still enjoyed it. It's precisely what you'd expect for a rom-com. Lots of funny bits and romantic bits too. More romantic than comedy though, so a distinct lack of vomiting walrii

The journey was in some ways far more interesting. Don't get me wrong - the film was good - but it can't beat plagues of insects and a full on fire and brimstone rant.

The air was thick with flying ants. Bloody annoying things, much like normal ants I guess. Just flying about inanely. It wasn't as if like normal ants they were flying about collecting crap to eat or build a nest with. Just flying about and trying their best to get up my nose. Thankfully they failed.

As I walked to the cinema, I debated whether or not I'd find somewhere selling a bottle of water so I could take my meds or whether I should pop by Books etc and kill time. Turns out I need not have bothered thinking about it, as instead I got jumped by someone trying to convince me to become a Christian.

Ended up spending about 10-15 minutes attempting to discuss religion with her. Mostly she seemed to accept whatever I had to say, but then would say it wasn't The Truth and that only Jesus was The Truth. I think the most amusing part was that she freely accepted that she had experienced god and yet when I told her about a friend who communed with angels. She dismissed this as being more likely to be demons in disguise, since the devil was an angel wasn't he.

Pretty hardcore bunch whoever they are (their website is as they think even having lustful thoughts is a sin. I must admit I did mostly think she was chatting me up at first and she wasn't half bad looking either, so my mind wasn't completely devoid of lusty thoughts somewhere I'd bet.

Annoyingly she gave up just as I was starting to enjoy myself and gave me a bit of paper warning me that I had to love Jesus or else my soul wouldn't be saved. Which I guess was a good thing as I managed to make it to the cinema in time to see the film. Would have been kinda miffed to have spent a few more minutes chatting and then missed it. Although I could have seen War of the Worlds instead I guess.

Tags: horror, humour, movies, religion
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