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Mage yesterday was fun and a little worrying. Got to try out playing a hardlight hologram and try out my new shiny forehead powers. Which are very scarey.

Party afterwards was very good. Lots of cool people missing. But thankfully lots of annoying people missing too. Was very tired after Mage, so had a little power nap early on which kept me going 'til things started dying out. Had a very good night's sleep on the couch, helped cryx watch her bday pressie (Sex in the City season 6) and then fled back to the safety and comfort of home.

Some how I've spent most of the afternoon doing sod all, mostly by watching the end of "Swallows and Amazons". But I have managed to be a bit productive and mowed the "garden". Or at least most of it. The bits around the rose bushes are quite hard to get to and there's scarey thorny stuff at one end now as well. Will have to get out my gardening gloves and secatures to have it the beast. Probably when I do the rosemary forest.