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Free stuff!

As many of you know, I have a small large enormous rosemary plant bush tree growing out front. It's come to that time of year where it needs a bit lot of a trim and since I know there are plenty of keen cooking types reading this, I was wondering if anyone wanted some. Otherwise it'll just end up in the bin, cos there is no way I'm going to be able to use all of it and unlikely that I'd use even enough for myself.

So...I've not done the pruning hacking yet. Does anyone want some? There's also some mint too. Don't know whether it's easier if people show up with a chainsaw or what. Need to do it soon before it reaches up to the roof and buries me in.


Yes please I'd like some
Sounds great. Not had fresh rosemary before. Trouble is, I don't have my trusty DH to pick them up for me this week. Maybe next week if you haven't got round to hacking it before then.
oh and ps thanks for keeping an eye on the little adventurers when they toddled round work on Thursday. Not quite in your job description ;-)

Thankfully the rest of the office pitched in and caught the one I wasn't chasing. Think we'd really need some fencing to keep the little rascals in though :)

There is a lot of hacking to do. I could do it in two stages. I have to do the bit that is blocking the path, but the bit that is nearer the house isn't a problem (yet), so I'll do that next week.

I'd love some, but live in the wrong part of the country. You could always tie it in big bunches and hang it upside down to dry.

Don't hack it if it's flowering--or at least that's what I was told when Ih ad a similarly sized rosemary plant

I think it's done flowering. I have to hack it regardless as it's blocking access to mine and my neighbours flat. I don't mind so much walking through a bunch of rosemary cos it smells nice, but I doubt he feels the same. Luckily he's not said anything yet, but then the neighbour on the other side of the access path needs to trim the hedge as well to make the path clear again.

I could be persuaded to bring some to the next Hatfield mage, assuming there is any left though? :)

Yup I am up for some. I have a small gadget for turning it into proper dried herbs too, and am happy to do so for people. I have a stack of thyme and pineaple mint drying ATM. You want some dried thyme in exchange?

About as much point having dried thyme as there is having rosemary TBH. I don't cook nearly enough to warrant having lots of herbs at the moment. But you're still welcome to pop by and grab some. I'll point you in the right direction if you want to hack it yourself or I can do it if you give me enough warning?