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Saw 50 First Dates last night whilst darklittlefox was out. He hates Adam Sandler and refuses to see any films with him in. I understand where he's coming from. I have similiar feelings towards Jim Carey, although that has mellowed as Jim has done some stuff that ain't so bad. I think Adam wasn't overly bad in this, but I can't see that convincing darklittlefox to watch it. It is an overly sappy film :)

I hope I meet someone someday that I love and that loves me back as much as the love in that film.



I hope you do
Yes... an overly sappy film...

If you find a vomiting walrus sentimental, of course.


An odd thing to focus on in a rom-com. I was more focusing on relationship between the two main characters.

I know, but a rom com with a vomiting walrus somehow seems less romantic than a rom com that... doesn't have a vomiting walrus.

Maybe it's a... rom vom com! ;o)