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That was a disturbing night. Had a very wierd dream that looked like something out of some crappy soap - Corrination Street or something. The locals had secured the release of a dangerous psycho rapist murdering type and he set up base of operations in my home. Except it was my home from when I was about 10 cos my parents swapped over the front and back room furniture when I wasn't that much older.

Amusingly his plans for causing death and mayhem revolved around a tape recorder which was dual powered by batteries and solar. So I arranged to sabotage them by removing the batteries and turn off the lights at the right moment so he didn't have any power.

There was also a bit involving someone shooting through a glass door I was standing near.

Despite this traumatic night and not getting much more than 3 hours sleep, I'm surprisingly perky and awake. Which I'm sure will all change cos I'm on call this week. Which is going to make partying a bit awkward, but the powers that care know I'm partying and haven't said I can't go, so I'm going to go anyway. Can't exactly get drunk without my internal organs rupturing at the moment anyway.

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