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Things seem to be picking up. Yesterday I managed a whole day without any "sins". Today has been good so far too. Got the last jacket spud at the Beehive. Oddly though the barman was a bit confused by me asking for a spud with beans as that wasn't actually listed - this is despite the fact it says we can have a spud with "a our choice of fillings". Thankfully I got what I'd ordered, as beans normally come with sausages and that would be sinful. inquis ordered cheese and tuna but got tuna and mayo.

After the pub, me and cryx went food shopping. It was a lot easier having 2 brains working on the problem of what food to buy that fits in with this diet. We both managed to stock up on lots of yummy food, although we did forget the Quorn. Having never tried Quorn I don't really mind though.

Now I just need to work out how to put all this food together and feed myself.


quoprn tastes like chicken its really nice as a vege it was a life saver

Well most things taste of chicken apparently. Ideally I need to work out how to cook real meat in vast amounts.


no but this is a chicken sub. have you ever had a chicken and mushroom pot noodle if yes congrats you have had quorn before!

I've NEVER had a Pot Cthuhlu and hope never to as well.


but thewy are yummy
(now i know im a freak and lrped too much!)
In my experience, Quorn burgers=nice, Quorn sausages=disturbing texture. Haven't tried the chickenesque cubes though.