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Went and saw Batman Begins last night. Liked it a lot although I'm kinda miffed that they didn't maintain continuity with the other films. Most notably with the bits that involved (or didn't) the Joker. They could have easily kept Bruce's parents being killed by Jack Napier. And yes the resident comic expert has told me that it's closer to the comics. But the main reason as far as I could see for them changing that was to give some meaning to Katie's character and allow her to be a part of the plot. And I'm also not sure why the Joker got referenced at the end either. But I still enjoyed it. It's certainly a lot better than some of the later sequels.

I also did very well on the icecream front. Very cute serving girl gave me an extra scoop of icecream. Supposedly because there wasn't enough rum'n'raisin to make a whole scoop up, but the amount she showed me wasn't much less than what I'd have thought they'd put in a scoop anyway. Still didn't last long and I'd finished it long before the film had started.

In some ways it'd be better if they could provide icecream in the middle of the film. I'm too young to remember much about the old days of intermissions and the like, but I don't think that films benefit from having a break. But it would be nice to be able to get cold creamy goodness part way through somehow. Maybe they could start providing mini cooling devices to keep drinks and icecream cold?

Tonight I get to see "Kung Fu Hustle" which looks to be very good too. Saturday I might go and see "A Lot Like Love" which seems to be the story of my life.


I could have done with one of those half way through Fellowship, I had to duck out to go to the loo even though I'd been before going in because that film was just sooo long.

I do think modern films could do with breaks, they would have to pace them better and think them through properly if people had time to think and talk about what was happening on screen in the middle.
Your resident comics expert is correct - Batman Begins is closer to comic book canon. The Joker has never been responsible for the death of the Waynes in the comic storyline.

The role of Katie Holmes' character's is actually part of Batman canon, but she plays a different take on that role. There is an established role in Batman's comic history of the crusading District Attorney who wants to take down Carmine Falcone and the mob but is hamstringed by the system. However, that role belongs to Harvey Dent, so giving that role to a love interest is a twist.

The best way to look at the film is to take the view that Batman Begins is not a sequal or a prequel. It is a new interpretation of Batman, just as the recent Hulk film does not maintain a continuity with the Incredible Hulk television series.
Nor was Katie Holmes' character splashed in the face with acid, leading to her becoming a half-deformed villain.

It's an interpretation, more loyal in some ways, less loyal in others. Like a pick 'n' mix of comic book material.

Indeed, hence why it's only a minor niggle. Mostly I'd expect some continuity between the films rather than the TV shows anyway. In both cases the films are a lot closer to their cartoons too.

I hate seeing films in the cinema, partly because there is no break in the middle.