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A job well done...

Did my good deed for the day and went 'round to sea_cucumber to setup the ADSL wireless router. Annoyingly it wasn't as easy as it should have been. Windoze was being a pile of poo on her laptop, although I think it was partially the problem with the WNIC. Confusingly whatever channel I picked, it would recognise it as being the same channel number, but on a different frequency. Took me ages to discover that this was a redherring and that it was correct after all. What seemed to be the problem was it having a client name set. *boggles*

So now the wireless part of the router works fine. Couldn't get DHCP working on her laptop, but given my laptop managed to get an IP for both the NIC and WNIC I figure it's Windoze being wank again too.

That just leaves the ADSL part which should be fairly simple once the configuration details are known. Assuming BT aren't being wankers and making it so that only their kit works. *passes the baton on to the next geek invasion*



Ah. I got the impression that nothing had worked. Or at least sea_cucumber's laptop wasn't set up to work which is why I had to fiddle with it.

It's easy enough to change the IP address and turn off DHCP on the Linksys box. I tried changing the IP address and telling it the default route to anywhere was via the BT thing, but didn't spend enough time fiddling to get it to work. I think the easiest option is to get the Linksys beast to do the ADSL as well.

Although I have just found this page for setting up two Linksys routers together. I can't see any reason why it'd not work for a Linksys and something else.

Probably still makes more sense to just use the Linksys box though *shrug*

What really confused us, was when sea_cucumber's laptop started surfing the 'net without the Linksys box being plugged in. Can't remember whether we decided she was looking at cached pages or she'd found an insecure wireless source elsewhere. Very confusing though.

**finds harshed by dave list again **
Teehee :)

It's fun, huh?