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Bah. I hate it when I'm oncall and there are loads of films I want to go see. "Kung Fu Hustle" and "A Lot Like Love" have both come out today, plus I've still to see Batman Begins. And like any sane half nekkid woman loving person, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr & Mrs Smith again too :)

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Uh, what the attraction of cinema rather than home comfort anyway?

I hate cinema myself. Overexpensive; uncomfortable; can't press pause to go to loo, get drink, munch on decent food. The company side is overrated as often people arrive in last minute panics, and flee the moment the credits roll, leaving me to watch the extra bits and bobs and read the credits like an obsessive geek.

Get to see the movies on a screen bigger than my house? And I get to see them now, rather than having to wait for them to come out on DVD :)

Come on now - it's a really funny movie and Jolie frolics about in her skimpies. What more could a guy want? :)