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Pub was as it usually is, absolutely great fun. Chatted to various people about my ideas for a solarpowered motor, although some were less than helpful. Still going to do it though, if I can find the various bits I have scattered about the place.

Got to chat about various other stuff too, but nothing specific springs to mind. Marvelled at wraithwitch's talisman cards. It's certainly nicer out in the garden in the hot weather rather than the cold that some people seem to prefer.

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Meergh? Solar powered motor? Details? Sounds interesting.

solar powered motor

Pretty much what the name suggests. Ultimate foolish goal is to build a solarpowered gizmo that flies. Don't care if it spends 99% of it's time sitting on the ground charging up before briefly zooming up and forwards towards some goal I'll hardwire into it. It'll be just fun building it.

But the main obstacle to getting it doing anything even vaguely useful will be the motors and the fact they'll need a lot of oomph to turn the blades to provide enough lift. But one of the books I've got has a project for building a pendulum that keeps it going by having a coil that flicks on at the right moment and pulls a magnet towards it. I figure turning that design on it's side and adding a few more magnets might be a good start.