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Boy do I have a lot of junk. Should mean that I have a lot of raw materials to work with on my robot building projects, but does mean I have no idea where the specific parts I'm looking for are. *sigh* Which is mostly an old unloved solarpowered calculator - need it for powering stuff.

Have to sit down and see if all the physics and electronics I used to know will come flooding back and work out my initial design.

Looking forward to pub tonight too.


Solar power? Psh. Atomic power is the energy source of the future!

Well technically solar power is atomic in nature - it's just that the reactor is 100000000s of miles away and thus won't blow up in my face when I get it wrong :)

Good call. XD

No cake until the Robot is built

Build the Robot, and lets hope it works.

Derek :)

Re: No cake until the Robot is built

Well technically I'm not going to be working on the robot - just a low power motor. Robot comes much much later.