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Just had my fortnightly blood letting this morning and for the first time in ages it hurt like a bugger. Nothing but pain through out the entire experience. The nurse looked quite surprised (new one this time) by this, but she got it out first time so that's all good. And then to really confuse matters, I wouldn't stop bleeding.

Now this is what I'd have expected from being on blood thinners, but so far they put the bit of cotton wool on the various exit wounds, get me to press down for a short while and it stops. Not this time though. Took 3 or 4 attempts. My blood is never this eager to get out - that's why it's always hard for them to find a vein.

In other news, the buses were running perfectly. Got there on time. Got the slightly late bus back rather than having to wait for 30minutes like usual.

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er, yes - blood letting when on thinnings are in action should be simpler.

Glad it stopped :) you need your blood.

Re: owchies!

Well it wasn't like I was gushing or anything - it's only a tiny hole. I guess she didn't want me wandering off whilst I was still leaking a little.